Wayfinding Pro Client, LaGuardia Community College, announces saving $64,000 on costs by choosing WFP for in house Wayfinding development

LaGuardia Community College has been congratulated on saving $64,000 by using Wayfinding Pro to build an in house interactive wayfinding project for the campus, versus outsourcing development to a wayfinding designer.

In 2016 the college launched a revamp on their static wayfinding system to upgrade their amenities to interactive wayfinding, providing visitors and students with a more hands on means of navigating the campus.

LAGCC reduced overall costs from $75,000 to $11,000 by using Wayfinding Pro’s API to build, design and plot complete navigation of the campus. Directories for kiosk and mobile were developed with the help of the WFP team, improving the usefulness and efficiency of the traditional static signage that was available.

The new system provides clear directions to departments, areas, services and real time campus information. Upon completion, the college announced its findings and satisfaction with budget success to Wayfinding Pro.

Wayfinding Pro is an easy to use developer tool that offers users the ability to plot directions, upload maps and access already designed interfaces to tie wayfinding projects together in house for the lowest costs in the industry. Learn more at http://www.wayfindingpro.com.


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