What you need to know about affordable digital wayfinding

Digital wayfinding can be expensive to invest in, with some project costs exceeding the $40,000 mark for a building with multiple floors accessible by web and mobile. Wayfinding has become a necessary component for creating a visitor friendly environment. So how can we make this service more affordable to the organizations that need it?

Wayfinding Pro™ has been happy to answer this call since 2014, by providing universities, hospitals and any other property with a need for interactive mapping. Wayfinding Pro™ enables subscribers to build their own wayfinding systems for a fraction of the industry cost.

What is Wayfinding Pro™?

Wayfinding Pro™ is turn-key tool for turning your floor plans into wayfinding systems for digital signage, kiosks, web and mobile applications. Key features include:

Can display URL‘s, coupons, etc.
Integrate with indoor view photos
Alternate routing (e.g.: ADA compliant)
Create preferred paths
Multi-user development environment
Simple to use (no programming required)
Custom build your own application using API’s
GPS / ibeacon ready

But what typically goes into a project? Why are most projects so expensive?

Wayfinding costs tend to be so historically high due to factors such as project management and execution, interface and map design, map plotting and implementation. When handing these responsibilities to a firm for complete design, prices will soar. Interface design alone can account for thousands of project dollars.

With software development kits such as Wayfinding Pro™, you can completely design, implement and manage your own wayfinding project for less than $3000.00 annually. This becomes especially interesting to digital signage and content providers that wish to resell wayfinding.

Find out if Wayfinding Pro™ is right for you: http://www.wayfindingpro.com

Or call our team of experienced project managers for a free consultation: 814-342-3120 (direct)







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