White Paper: Wayfinding for University Campuses – Kiosks, QR Codes and Department Directions


Why is wayfinding right for a college campus?

Most college campuses are comprised of various buildings, spread across many blocks. Navigating the area can be a very frustrating and stressful experience. This is especially so for new students who are not familiar with their surroundings and spending their first semester away from home. This can also be a difficult feat for visiting parents, and professionals.

What can wayfinding do for students and visitors?

Interactive wayfinding is a versatile application that provides more than just directions. Wayfinding not only provides line and text directions from building to building, but will also provide indoor directions to departments and class rooms. Wayfinding is also developed to be 508 and ADA compliant. Handicapped students and visitors have access to wheelchair accessible only directions, kiosks that are easily physically adjustable and software that speaks to help the auditory impaired.

Accessing the Campus Interactive Wayfinding

Wayfinding is available in three different formats. Adding wayfinding to the college website provides directions to visitors and students before arriving. Installing kiosks on campus will enable users to retrieve directions on site, and also access QR codes for mobile navigation. The site can be fully accessed by phone.

Extended features of Wayfinding

Wayfinding can also be used as an emergency alert system, a department and staff directory, an event calendar and announcement system. The app is also available in various languages.

Why to use Interactive Wayfinding instead of Static Signs

While static signs may help to alleviate some of the confusion that navigating creates, they do no generate directions specifically for one individual. They also do not direct the handicapped to accessible routes, nor do they provide the capability of mobile wayfinding. Additionally, when departments change as they often do, updating the signage can be an expensive and lengthy process. Updating interactive wayfinding is very easy and done at the click of a button.

Managing your wayfinding system

Managing the system is easy. Using the back office, routes can be temporarily shut down for accidents or construction, updates to departments can be made, staff can be changed and routes can be added. Maintaining the system is simple and takes no time at all.

What goes into a wayfinding project?

Any wayfinding project needs to begin with a needs assessment. Is this for kiosk, web or mobile? Do you need additional languages? Will you be hosting the project? Will there be any extended features? There are features that are included, such as directions specifically for the handicapped; and extended features that are additional, such as directories and emergency alerts.

Start your wayfinding project today!

Starting an interactive wayfinding project is simple. You can contact Here2There Software directly for a needs assessment on a full service project, or you can contact Wayfinding Pro to test the app that enables you to build your own wayfinding project.

For an example of a full service project with Here2There Software, visit temple.here2theresoftware.com.

Contact us directly for further information and assistance, and be sure to visit our site dedicated to wayfinding for tips, interface examples, projects, development, whitepapers and more.




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