Interface Sample #2 / at large church organization

Interface Sample #2 / at large church organization

This is a warning screen that appears on the wayfinding app at Westminister Church. Being a mother, I find this very interesting. The warning states that the security system for the Nursery / Childcare is operational through certain times. This capability is available in various different formats.

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Interface Sample / Wayfinding at a large church organization

Interface Sample / Wayfinding at a large church organization

This interface shot is part of the same application that my earlier post showing the events calendar is part of.

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Interface Example: Search and Directory options

Interface Example: Search and Directory options

Here2There has an available search directory segment. Can incorporate on screen keyboard.

Interface Example: Events and Meetings Calendar

Interface Example: Events and Meetings Calendar

The events and meeting calendar app can be added to Here2There wayfinding and is completely interactive. Can be set for public use, or only accessible by staff.

Floor Plan Samples: 3D Map #2

Floor Plan Samples: 3D Map #2

This sample shares the design of the floor plan image I last posted. Ground Floor, showing a Parking Garage in the same building.