Digital Signage Expo Las Vegas 2016

Wayfinding Pro, industry leaders of interactive wayfinding, will be attending the Las Vegas Digital Signage Expo March 16 – 17 2016, booth C9.

Since 2010, Wayfinding Pro has been providing development kits for digital signage companies and complexes wishing to take interactive wayfinding development into their own hands.

Wayfinding Pro’s development app gives subscribers all the tools needed to build a fully functional and interactive application for wayfinding. From line and text directions to readily made interfaces, everything needed to create interactive wayfinding app for web, kiosk or mobile is accessible through the developer program.

Wayfinding Pro will be offering demonstrations of the system, access to it’s full line of features, and fully functional interfaces for expo visitors to test.

Find us online at or call us at 814-342-3120 for more info.






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