An open Wayfinding RFI

Recently I was tasked with composing and submitting an RFI (request for information) to a major health corporation. With a client base predominantly hospitals and universities, RFI and RFP (request for proposal) submissions are common. These organizations are typically very formal in their proposals, budgeting and vendor selection.

In this post, I am going to share some of the items that can be expected on a wayfinding RFI / RFP.

An RFI is generally accompanied with a questionnaire composed by the requesting party.

Here are a few questions that I commonly see:

  1. Does the application provide real time positioning?
  2. Are 3d maps available as well as 2d?
  3. Does the application provide patient check in / appointment status notifications / estimated appointment wait times?
  4. Does the application provide QR codes?
  5. Can the application recommend relevant information to the route?
  6. Can the application work without internet?
  7. Does the application have the ability to interface with outside databases?
  8. Will the organization be able to manage / update the application after development?
  9. Is the organization able to brand / customize the application?
  10. Does the application work with Apple / Android and other mobile platforms?
  11. Does the application provide reporting capabilities on use, etc?
  12. Is the application capable of meeting HIPPA regulations?

Below, are the answers I would submit in this scenario:

  1. Providing route updates as an individual finds their way is an extended feature and is typically implemented through beacons. Wayfinding technology is advancing rapidly, but has not yet broken the surface of real time mapping through other means. For this solution, beacons would need to be systematically placed throughout the building at certain increments in order to be able to place an individual on their route.
  2. Yes
  3. The Wayfinding System is able to send updates to patients on the current status of their appointment, as well as estimated wait times. During check in, a patient would need to enter their number, or the system would need to call to a database of patients contact info. Patient check in is also an available feature.The wayfinding system is able to interface with any patient management software or database. A consult would be needed to discuss the desired functions.
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Yes. However an internet connection would be required to make any system updates.
  7. Yes. Here2There wayfinding systems are designed with the integration of outside systems in mind. Would need to determine if this is for staff directories, or patient information.
  8. The wayfinding systems are easily up dated using your backend system manager. Each project comes equipped with access to this management portal.

    Using this tool you can make changes to routes, shut down areas for construction or emergencies and make changes to locations. This feature comes with a full user manual and 24 / 7 support.

  9. Yes
  10. The wayfinding app itself (user interface) is compatible with all major operating systems. The mobile sites / mobile app is also compatible with android and apple.
  11. The wayfinding system has the capability of providing reports on uses, errors, check ins, idle time and any other requested segments in relation to use. Detailed reports can be generated and accessed through the manager. The app can also return reports on which kiosks were used (dept or area based), how many times the mobile app has been accessed, how many patients versus staff have accessed the system, and any advertising / marketing stats.
  12. H2T is very careful with patient information as we need to ensure that we are adhering to all HIPPA guidelines and regulations. Here2There Software strictly follows HIPPA guidelines and regulations in order to protect patient information while interfacing with these records.

These are only a few examples of the information that may be requested on an RFI / RFP. Keep in mind that these documents are typically very formal and extensive. Always allow yourself ample time to collect the accurate and detailed information.

I am always available to assist with consultation, as I have over a decade of experience in wayfinding.

Feel free to reach out for guidance.


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