Hershey’s Chocolate Co. teams up with Wayfinding Pro to provide a “sweet” alternative to traditional wayfinding

Altoona Pa, – July 30 2015

Wayfinding Pro (www.wayfindingpro.com) has announced today that Hershey’s Chocolate Co, known worldwide for their contributions to chocolate and charity, has joined Wayfinding Pro to provide interactive wayfinding at their Hershey PA corporate complex.

Hershey’s Chocolate will be using Wayfinding Pro’s software development kit to build a kiosk based wayfinding system for navigation of the corporate building. The interactive application will enable users to access internal maps of the building with accompanying step by step line and text directions.

“This is an amazing opportunity,” said Amanda Smith, business development for Wayfinding Pro. “Hershey has touched the lives of so many through their candy, medical centers and amusement parks. I am very excited to work with them to provide wayfinding. Wayfinding Pro has enabled many hospitals, universities and parks to offer a solution to the challenges of traditional wayfinding. With Hershey venues being of the larger variety, interactive wayfinding is a natural fit.”

About Wayfinding Pro

Wayfinding Pro is the industry’s leading provider of interactive wayfinding systems, offering the most cost effective solution to traditional navigation. Wayfinding Pro’s software development kit gives subscribers the ability to build their own interactive wayfinding systems for mobile, web, kiosk and digital signage platforms.

For more information about Wayfinding Pro contact: asmith@wayfindingpro.com

About Hershey

In business for over 100 years, Hershey’s Chocolate Co has been known all over the world for their contributions to candy and charity. Hershey’s commitment to the public is carried on through the Hershey Medical centers, Hershey Amusement Parks and various factories and complexes.



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