Microcad Computer Corp partners with Wayfinding Pro to add interactive wayfinding to their product portfolio

Altoona, PA – Wayfinding Pro, LLC (www.wayfindingpro.com) announced today that Microcad  Computer Corporation, long time provider of computer hardware, networking solutions, displays and digital signage solutions has joined Wayfinding Pro to provide interactive wayfinding for their clients.

Microcad will be using Wayfinding Pro to integrate interactive wayfinding into their systems, taking traditional wayfinding means a step further. The wayfinding application will provide users with access to maps, step by step directions and directories.

“We are excited to be working together,” said Kali Davis, vice president of corporate strategy, Wayfinding Pro. “We look forward to Microcad adding interactive wayfinding to its current product offering. Wayfinding Pro is the most cost effective, hands on solution to wayfinding development. We are very pleased to provide this to Microcad and to provide their clients with a solution to traditional wayfinding.”

About Wayfinding Pro

Wayfinding Pro is the industry’s leading provider of interactive wayfinding systems, offering the most cost effective solution to traditional navigation and the burdens of high development costs. Wayfinding Pro’s software development kit gives subscribers the ability to build their own interactive wayfinding systems for mobile, web, kiosk and digital signage platforms.

For more information about Wayfinding Pro contact:  asmith@wayfindingpro.com


About Microcad

Microcad’s business philosophy is to establish long-term, win-win relationships between Microcad, vendors, resellers, and ultimately, the end-users of the products. Microcad understands that having satisfied customers takes commitment, expertise, experience, and persistence. This commitment extends well beyond simply providing quality products, excellent services and competitive prices, focusing on the goal of total customer satisfaction.

For demo or consultancy for the Canadian customers please contact Tony Buragina at Microcad. www.microcad.ca


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