Wayfinding Pro White Paper: Building your own wayfinding app


Building your own Wayfinding System:

How Wayfinding Pro enables subscribers to design interactive wayfinding systems for web, kiosk and mobile

The Benefits of Interactive Wayfinding

Implementing a wayfinding system has many benefits in addition to assisting visitors with navigation.  Interactive wayfinding systems not only provide building to building and department to department directions, but also a multitude of extended features. The wayfinding app is capable of providing an alert system and alternate directions in the event of an emergency. Staff directories and event calendars are also available for integration. The software is ADA compliant and can provide directions specifically for the handicapped. Integrating the QR code generator enables users to access the mobile app and view directions on the go.

Interactive wayfinding has been proven more effective than static signage. While signage can be a somewhat useful tool in wayfinding, it typically leaves visitors still confused and seeking staff assistance. Static signage typically requires an investment that is more than double what interactive wayfinding costs.

Building a wayfinding app with Wayfinding Pro

WFP is a software development tool that enables subscribers to build and design their own interactive wayfinding apps. With Wayfinding Pro, users are able to select an interface layout from a series of options and upload their maps and floor plans for plotting. WFP makes designing a web, kiosk or mobile wayfinding program simple. Line directions are applied to maps using the software development kit, which are then accompanied by auto generated text directions. Wayfinding Pro is the perfect tool not only for web programmers and developers, but everyone else too!

Why should I use Wayfinding Pro to build my app?

Interactive Wayfinding takes traditional wayfinding a step further and provides visitors with access to maps, step by step directions and directories. Wayfinding Pro gives its subscribers the ability to easily develop their wayfinding projects for a fraction of what typical wayfinding development costs. WFP was developed to serve the needs of normal, every day people. Those that may not have a programming back ground or thousands to invest in wayfinding software.

How do I get started with Wayfinding Pro?

Using WFP is easy, and getting started is a snap. Wayfinding Pro can be tested at no cost, and accessed online at www.wayfindingpro.com. By selecting the ‘Register’ tab and filling out the required information, you may download and run the trial of the software development kit to make sure WFP is a fit for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need programming skills to use Wayfinding Pro?

A: Programming skills are not needed to use WFP. Our software Development Kit was designed to be used by anyone.

Q: How much does it cost to subscribe to Wayfinding Pro?

A: The cost depends on the account type, and number of maps / projects. WFP is very cost effective, and was created so that any size organization can afford to have interactive wayfinding.

Q: Can I use Wayfinding Pro to design a mobile phone app?

A: Yes. WFP can be used to design a wayfinding program for websites, kiosks and mobile phones. The program can generate QR codes as well for use with mobile phones.

Q: Does Wayfinding Pro provide help with the mapping / design of my project?

A: In addition to normal technical support, you can sub contract WFP’s experts to design and map your project for you.

Im ready to start my Wayfinding Project! What next?

When you are ready to begin, you may reach out to me at any time for assistance. Not only am I a Wayfinding Pro expert, but I am also very well versed in the process of wayfinding and development. I am happy to provide my expertise, and to guide you through the sign up process. You may run a trial, or begin development today!


Amanda L. Smith
Sr. Project Manager

Wayfinding Pro



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