FAQ: Most common questions regarding Wayfinding and Development

It has been quite a while since my last post dedicated to interactive wayfinding FAQ. As I submit more entries and my site grows, I figure it may be a good idea to touch base again on older and relevant topics, and recirculate them to the front of my site.

Seeking an interactive wayfinding provider can be an overwhelming task for those that aren’t familiar with the industry. Knowing where to start can even be a problem. I started this blog to help inform those of you that are new to wayfinding, and to give you the tools needed so that your project is successful.

Here are some of the most frequently asked Interactive Wayfinding questions:

1. How can my visitors, students or patients access my wayfinding project once it is live?

A: Wayfinding is available by web, kiosk and mobile. Your guests can access the wayfinding app directly on your website or at kiosk at your location. Mobile wayfinding can be accessed by phone and makes the directions available at every turn.

2. How much does wayfinding cost to develop? What is a general estimate for a project?

A: Wayfinding costs are based on a few items. When quoting a project, we consider: how many buildings will be included, how many floors per building, if multiple languages will be integrated, if there will be any custom development (such as event calendars, messaging systems, additional directories, etc), if the project will be for web, kiosk, mobile or a combination of those, and if the project will be hosted on the client’s own servers or Here2There servers.

3. After my project is live, how will I make changes? Such as when a department moves or a staff member is added?

A: This can be done in 2 ways. You can either put the request in with the support team or make the changes yourself using a back end management app that we offer.

4. Why should I use Interactive Wayfinding versus Static Signage?

A: Static signage is a simple concept, and seems to be the answer to navigation. However, if you have ever entered a hospital you are not familiar with, you know how little signage can do to assist you with the frustration of finding your way. Interactive Wayfinding gives visitors a direct advantage and enables them to access step by step directions. Interactive Wayfinding even goes a step further and provides options such as department and staff directories, FAQ, Event Calendars, and Transit directions and schedules.

5. Why should I choose Here2There Software as my provider?

A: With wayfinding gaining a lot of popularity and recognition over the last few years, many providers have appeared to take advantage of the potential this technology offers. The majority of these providers outsource their software development to one of the few teams that develops wayfinding in house. By doing this, they must charge a higher cost so that they can profit, and also have to direct clients to a third party when they call for assistance and support. Here2There has been in business for 15 years, and develops all software in house. We serve many large universities and hospitals with web, kiosk and mobile wayfinding.

These are a few of the questions I hear most frequently when offering consulting on wayfinding. I will submit more in my next few posts. Thank you as always for reading!


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