Interactive mapping in hotels: complete with position tracking, emergency alerts and recording of highest traffic areas

As interactive wayfinding advances, the ability to expand further into various industries and markets advances also. While wayfinding generally targeted the most obvious venues; hospitals and universities, Wayfinding Pro has made it possible for any organization or individual to afford interactive wayfinding. With interface templates, and a back end enabling users to easily build and map projects, it is now possible for interactive wayfinding to be offered anywhere and everywhere.

There is one industry in particular where wayfinding has not yet appeared, but would prove highly beneficial. Hotels base every amenity and service on ease of use, demand and guest satisfaction. Wayfinding hits each of these elements, and provides a service that will set the installed hotels apart from their competition.

Using wayfinding, these features and amenities can provide a very convenient tool for hotel guests:

1. Wayfinding can not only provide interactive directions within the hotel, but also outside and the surrounding area.

2. Taking mapping a step further, in the event of an emergency such as a fire, the system can alert every phone on campus, track where each phone is, and send emergency routes to safety to each phone.

3. Using the tracking feature, the wayfinding system can tell the hotel where the most trafficked areas are, and where guests are spending the most time.

4. Wayfinding Systems can also integrate additional apps to show local dining, entertainment, transit, news, weather, and more.

Looking at just these four features, it is easy to see how beneficial wayfinding can be in a hotel setting. In the past, wayfinding had not yet integrated the hospitality market with the main reason being the cost for such projects was very high. My partners over at provide an app that enables subscribers to build their own wayfinding projects for $49 per month. The app is similar to sites that enable users to build their own website. Wayfinding Pro comes with interface templates and plug ins as well.

Testing Wayfinding Pro is easy, and free. To find out if Wayfinding Pro is a fit for you, call Amanda at 814-342-3120.


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