Universities and large campuses using wayfinding for emergencies

In the majority of the posts I author, I discuss wayfinding as a solution to navigating college campuses, hospitals, malls and corporate complexes. Additionally I highlight the extended features that can be implemented, such as staff directories, sale alerts in malls, events calendar and internal messaging system (to name a few).

Outside of these features and their applications is a more serious subject, and solution.

In the event of storms, accidents on campus, and tragically a potential gunman or other serious threat, wayfinding can be used to alert (even silently) visitors, staff and students.

In the case of situations such as storms, the wayfinding system can post (and send) alerts on the web site, kiosk and mobile site as well as alternative routes around accidents.

But what if the event is more serious than a storm? Sadly, there is a potential for on campus threats. The chance may be small, but is still there. And as the saying goes, it is indeed better to be safe than sorry in this situation.

The wayfinding system can not only send silent alerts to all student registered phones, but can also alert the authorities. Keeping students safe is the top priority of any campus, and using your wayfinding system to direct and protect is really getting the most for your investment.

Interactive wayfinding is so versatile, that really any feature or extended function that can dreamed of, can be implemented. My prior articles touch base on many alternate features, but the use of wayfinding as an emergency fail safe is one of the best.


One thought on “Universities and large campuses using wayfinding for emergencies

  1. That is a great point to consider when weighing the costs and the benefits of implementing a wayfinding system. Very informative.

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