Wayfinding Pro Partners with Global Software Applications to offer interface options with Software Devel. Kit

Wayfinding Pro is now partnered with Global Software Applications, an industry leader in business center solutions and custom development, to provide pre-made interfaces for use with the interactive wayfinding development kit.

Global Software Applications’ programming and graphics team will produce various options for kiosk, web and mobile interfaces. Previously, Wayfinding Pro offer the software development kit to build wayfinding projects with ease alone. Now subscribers can select an interface, and completely map and build a custom wayfinding system to suit any preference or needs.

Mobile interfaces/systems are complete with QR code compatibility, and the kiosk and web interfaces/systems will generate QR codes to be sent directly to a users phone.

With the new partnership with GSA, Wayfinding Pro offers all that is needed in the realm of interactive wayfinding for a very low cost. Reach out to them today! http://www.wayfindingpro.com


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