Press Release: Wayfinding Pro announces release of app that enables users to build their own interactive wayfinding systems

Altoona, PA August 5 2014

Hospitals. College Campuses. Shopping malls. All of these locations have constant traffic and typically are difficult to navigate. Interactive Wayfinding is the new solution to this issue that many properties are implementing to not only provide navigation to visitors, but to offer services such as department / staff / store directories and event calendars as well. In the past few years interactive wayfinding has gained rapid exposure and is being hailed by many (including the Wall Street Journal) as a front line technology that will soon be a necessity for all public access locations.

Wayfinding Projects require in depth development for each unique project, whether it is for kiosk, web or mobile. Many systems provide additional languages, search features, directories, internal message boards, handicapped accessible routes, text directions, QR codes and interactive images. Shopping mall systems even include advertising and signage. Because of the design and development that goes in to building a wayfinding application, most projects require an investment upwards of $20,000 dollars. While this cost isn’t an issue for Hospitals and Universities, it may be overly expensive for smaller scale locations that wish to offer this service. With this in mind, Wayfinding Pro was born.

Wayfinding Pro is an easy to use software development kit that enables subscribers to build and maintain a fully functional and complete digital wayfinding system. WFP provides all of the tools necessary to develop an app for kiosk, web or mobile. After sign up, users are granted access to an administrative web portal for managing their wayfinding account and the development kit where maps are uploaded and plotted with line directions. After a project goes live, the developer can update and maintain the application easily with the plotter.

Wayfinding Pro is very easy to use, and is quite inexpensive at only $49 dollars monthly. Currently, Wayfinding Pro is offering free registration and download of the plotter for testing. Registering is easy and can be done at under the sign up tab. At WFP’s website, you can also find detailed information about the program, how it works and many demonstrational videos as well. Visit the site and try Wayfinding Pro today!

Amanda Smith, 814-342-3120


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