Interactive Wayfinding with a Software Development kit

As my wordpress site grows and advances toward more technical topics regarding wayfinding, it occurred to me that I should revert occasionally and touch on the basics to keep things clear for my audience.

Listed below are FAQs that answer basic wayfinding function and development questions.

What is digital wayfinding?
Digital wayfinding defines indoor navigational systems similar to what you might find with your GPS, Google Maps or Mapquest. Indoor digital wayfinding provides directions past the entrance of the destination building into departments and directly where a user needs to go. This wayfinding system also offers external building to building directions.

How is this different from other mapping systems such as GPS, Google Maps or Mapquest?
Google Maps, Mapquest and GPS systems provide step by step directions from one address to another. They do not provide directions inside buildings. Indoor directions rely upon the client to provide the floor plan. While your GPS takes you to the address, indoor digital wayfinding goes a step further (literally) and takes you inside, right to where you need to be.

What is the Wayfinding Pro Software Development kit?
Wayfinding Pro is an easy to use tool for building a digital wayfinding system. Wayfinding Pro’s Software Development Kit provides a complete solution for creating, building and maintaining your wayfinding solution. Wayfinding Pro consists of the following components:

Plotter – Used to define pathways, locations, stairs, elevators and other key information about your floor layout.

Administrative Web Portal – Used to manage your project.

Kiosk, web and mobile web applications – Used as the user interface for your customers to access your wayfinding system.

API’s – Use for building your own custom application.

Can I build a mobile wayfinding system with Wayfinding Pro?
Yes. Wayfinding Pro’s web and mobile web application is a responsive web iframe that automatically resizes based on whether the user is using a PC or mobile device. It is easy to create and quick to deploy.

Is Wayfinding Pro only for developers/programmers?
No and yes. Wayfinding Pro was designed for both the programmer and non-programmer. With Wayfinding Pro’s Software Development Kit (SDK), which can be found at, a non-programmer can create, build and deploy their own wayfinding project. However, depending upon your skill set and how your website was built, it may be necessary for the non-programmer to get some minimal assistance from a web developer to create the basic web template and link it to your home page. This typically takes less than one hour and can be seen in the video in the SDK.

For programmers, you can use the Wayfinding Pro API’s to make your application completely your own. Documentation on the API’s may be found in the SDK.

Once a wayfinding system is built, no programming is need to maintain the floor plans. This information is updated using the Plotter quickly and easily.

These are a few general FAQ’s to help clarify some of the areas I get most frequently asked about. This information, and more, can be found at


2 thoughts on “Interactive Wayfinding with a Software Development kit

  1. peterscot423 says:

    Digital wayfinding softwares really great technology to defines indoor navigational systems similar to what you might find with your GPS, Google Maps or Mapquest and It’s provides directions past the entrance of the destination building into departments.

    With Regards,

    • Thank you for reading my articles Peter. It is a great technology, and is advancing at an extremely rapid pace. As you mentioned, before we only had apps such as google maps and map quest. Interactive wayfinding, such as Here2There Software and Wayfinding Pro takes the user a step further, and through the doors of the building to any department or room. You defined it perfectly. Additionally, the wayfinding apps can provide extended segments such as staff directories, FAQ, advertising, and internal message boards. There is a great potential here to take a project in any direction. Thank you for your comment, and I look forward to having you read my future posts.

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