Additional Features to consider for your Wayfinding Project

Wayfinding performs one basic function. To provide directions from a starting point, to a destination as specified by the user. In previous posts, I explain additional features such as providing handicapped accessible directions, QR codes for directions to smart phone, public transport directions (to bus stops, subways, train stations, etc..) and a search function enabling users to search for something directly or by category. Additional features provide you with a tool to personally customize your wayfinding application to your location, and to further offer your users a flexible and in depth accommodation.

Here is a more complete list of Additional Features that upgrade any wayfinding project:

a. Staff / Doctor / Professor / Department Listing: With this feature, users can not only retrieve directions to a specific department or staff member, further information regarding those departments or staff members can also be accessed. For example, beyond just getting directions from selecting staff or departments from a list, the user can also find information on services performed in that department, individuals who work in that department and services offered by the doctor or staff member as well. Those are 3 brief examples, there are many other functions that can be added here.

b. Events and Daily Updates: A segment for updating daily, weekly and monthly events and announcements can be integrated into your wayfinding project. This can be set as public to provide updates to everyone, or set as private to only be accessed by staff members or even a specific set group of staff members. For example, we have a large church client that uses this feature to share information regarding sermons, group meetings, picnics, etc. Another corporate client uses this feature to share department meetings and inner office announcements with the staff.

c. Search Function: Incorporating a search bar enables users to type in any staff name, room number, building name, department title, service offered to retrieve directions. The search function can be set to pull a broader range of results, beyond just directions. For example, the search can return with any announcements, department locations and services (with further info regarding those services) tied to the inquiry.

d. Interactive Images: This allows you to include images on screen that when touched, provide directions to the destination or event,. May also be set to retrieve information regarding an announcement, or for example a sale at a retail client’s mall location.

Each Here2There wayfinding project is unique and built custom to suit. Every interface looks different, and each project has a variety of different features apart from each other. Some of the above features and additional functions were the ideas of clients, that we had adopted. Others, were features that our creative development team designed. Any ideas you may have for your project are possible and can be incorporated. No idea is too big or too small!


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