Here2There Company Profile

Beginning business in 2001, independently owned parent company Global Software Applications, became the leader in providing secure business center solutions for hotels and resorts. After expanding into software design and application development, Here2There Software was born.

In 2004, with the start of Here2There Digital Wayfinding Software, G.S.A. expanded into the interactive digital wayfinding industry providing hospitals, universities and other industries with custom-designed wayfinding solutions optimized to suit to their individual needs.

Currently employing 30 people, the majority being with the company for over 5 years, G.S.A. takes a progressive “team-based” open-communications approach utilizing the employees’ strong technological background and contributing to a highly motivated workforce. 

Here2There offers users the ability to, via touchscreen, mobile device, or internet site, get directions to and from any destination on a facility, indoor or outdoor.  Directions can be displayed graphically, as well as in text or voice-over, and directions can be printed, or transferred onto a mobile device, to take along the way.

Notably, in compliance with the United States government’s Section 508 mandate and Americans With Disabilities Act, Here2There is designed to be accessible to those with mobility or visual/hearing impairments.

From an operational standpoint, H2T’s intuitive Back Office application allows a system administrator to update information remotely and have updated information go “live” to all display systems immediately. This gives the end-user the ability to make updates to the software when departments are relocated, during construction, etc.

This flexibility is especially useful when reroutes may be necessary due to emergency situations, severe weather events, etc. and allows the expansibility to generate an infinite number of directions to any number of endpoints they so choose.

This is possible because of Here2There’s proprietary data-driven algorithm. “Data-driven” means locations (starting points and destinations) and ‘ways’ (hallways and roadways) are stored as numeric values rather than using series of static, “pre-made” graphics.

Here2There also gives clients the ability to design and plot directions for their application through the back office application. This enables clients to choose their own budget and work load.


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