Frequently asked Interactive Wayfinding Questions and Application Facts

How does interactive wayfinding help users to navigate around multiple floors in multiple buildings?

A: Here2There’s interactive wayfinding application connects multiple buildings to provide directions to and from all buildings within a campus or complex. The wayfinding app also goes a step further to provide directions to departments, rooms or floors of the destination building. Elevators, stairs and escalators are marked to provide directions on the upper floors of buildings.


Am I able to brand the wayfinding application with my company’s logos and colors?

A: All H2T projects are unique and built to suit. The interface is completely customizable and will be designed to meet visual standards for your company’s brand.


Can the wayfinding software accommodate multiple languages? How are translations handled?

A: Yes. Here2There software can integrate multiple languages into the wayfinding application. Translations come from a 3rd party provider, and have also been provided to us by the client requesting multiple languages.


Are the wayfinding kiosks able to print maps and directions? What printing specs are available?

A: Yes. The kiosks can print full maps with line drawings from the starting point (the kiosk) to the destination point, accompanied by detailed, turn by turn text directions and distances measured in feet. Available printer options include: thermal, color, black and white and various paper sizes.


Are the wayfinding kiosks wheelchair accessible? Is the software complaint with disability standards?

A: The kiosks are accessible to wheelchairs, and can be specifically manufactured to provide easy screen adjusting to meet the height of a user in a wheelchair. The software meets disability standards and is 508 compliant. The wayfinding application is tailored to provide options for the visual and hearing impaired as well.


Does the wayfinding application integrate with any check in software, or management software?

A: Here2There wayfinding can integrate with most check in and management software suitable for hospitals, universities and corporate offices.


What kind of technical support is available to your clients and application users?

A: Here2There technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide live support to clients and users to trouble shoot and answer any questions that may arise.


What hardware / kiosk options are available for interactive wayfinding?

A: Hardware options include, but are not limited to: touch screen, wall mountable, free standing, deco shell, and all are available with customizable external shells for your logos and graphics.


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