Design and Development: Managing and Building your own Project

In previous posts, self development using Here2There’s back office manager is explained. I want to go into further detail in that segment, as it is a large part of a wayfinding project.

Development is one of the largest aspects considered when H2T quotes are generated. The cost greatly depends on the following development and design items:

a. Base Project Cost

b. User Interface Design and Implementation: First Interface (Web)

c. User Interface Design and Implementation: Second Interface (Kiosk)

d. User Interface Design and Implementation: Third Interface (Mobile)

e. Map Design

f. Map Plotting

The first four items, a b c & d, are a given with any quote and are set rates. Some projects may only have one interface, some may have two and some may have all three (web, kiosk and mobile).

The last two items, e & f, may vary and can greatly affect cost. Some wayfinding projects may require that Here2There developers design the user interface, design the maps and also plot the maps. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a H2T fully managed project. The cost for these are based on floors in a building with rates starting at $1080.00 per floor. The same applies to plotting the directions on the maps after they have been designed. Many clients opt for this as a lot of organizations don’t have the resources to design their own maps and interfaces. Others may have Here2There take care of the map and interface design, and then plot the directions themselves using our backend manager.

Here2There has released an application called Map Maker Pro. This app makes managing and building your own project easy, and gives you the tools to upload and plot your own maps. While our backend manager also lets you plot your own directions, generate text directions and mark your own points of interest, Map Maker Pro goes a step further and lets you manage the entire project on your own.

Here2There Wayfinding projects essentially become an off the shelf solution, and allow you to cut your cost only to monthly hosting fees (if you choose to use H2T servers) and API, and subscription costs.

Please check back later for a full video demo of our backend manager and development app that I will be uploading. Thanks for reading!


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