Interactive Wayfinding as a versatile solution

Your interactive wayfinding kiosk can be utilized in many different ways to meet the needs of any setting. Not only are there vast possibilities for your interface design and development, but there are many additional features that can be included in your wayfinding program.

Example: A hospital has implemented a wayfinding solution. In addition to providing a directory of departments, services and doctors, the hospital can also provide a search engine. The engine allows patients to input a symptom, or service needed such as “Cat Scan”, and not only receive the directions to the department, but also a staff/doctor listing of those associated with the diagnostics and treatment, and even more information about the procedure and illness.

Example 2: A mall is using interactive wayfinding to provide shoppers with a map of all stores and directions to each from the kiosk at each entrance. Not only can the mall provide a search engine, which allows shoppers to find stores based on clothing brands, types of merchandise sold and gender/age/interest specifics, but the mall can also use the wayfinder for advertising. This means that certain stores can be featured on the main screen, mall events can be announced, coupons and sales can be displayed and even employment opportunities posted.

Example 3: A Large corporate office building of 100+ employees provides a wayfinding kiosk in the lobby, or even adds the wayfinding solution to their web site for new employees, clients and visitors to find their way. Visitors and such search for department, service type, or even staff name for directions. In addition, this particular wayfinding solution has an events calendar that can be set to be either accessed by the public and employees or limited to employee access only. This can be used to schedule meetings by setting a meeting type, room/location, those joining and time and date. An employee could even do a search for their own name to see all relevant meetings that come up.

The above examples are just the first 3 that came to mind. The possibilities for Interactive Wayfinding with Here2There software are endless. Anything you can imagine, we can most certainly implement. Interactive Wayfinding can be more than useful in a variety of settings, and provide you with a service that not only is immensely appreciated by its users, but also far ahead of the technological curve.



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