Interactive Wayfinding: Starting a Project

When trying to determine cost for your wayfinding project, there are a few items that need to be considered.  These items are the variables that affect price. Normally, I would request an interested party join me for a web demo. This only takes 15 minutes at the most and is an elemental key in order to help you better understand the process, how H2T functions, available features and what the interface looks like.

In order to build your quote, I ask that prospects answer the following questions:

1. How many buildings will be involved in the project?

2. How many floors?

3. How many destinations?

4. Would this be for kiosk, website, mobile or all three?

5. Would you include multiple languages?

Then, I would also ask who would handle development (this is in regards to who would be doing the work, the client or H2T):

1. User Interface

2. Map Design

3. Map plotting (using our back office manager, you can do all of this)


With this information, a quote can be generated. The next phase after the quote is accepted, is to confirm payment terms and first installment. After this, any floor plans pertaining to the project are given to H2T, if H2T is handling development.


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