Interactive Wayfinding and Self Development

(Wayfinding project development / Client development)

In an earlier post (the first), I briefly mentioned that clients can opt for self development using Here2There’s back office manager and code samples; versus paying for the time of H2T developers. This process is much more simple than it may seem. With the help of our back office manager, the development process becomes a fluid, step by step system, with full instruction from beginning to completion.

The development of any Here2There Wayfinding project covers the following segments:

a. User Interface

b. Map Design / Direction Plotting

c. Integration of additional languages

d. Custom/Additional Features Development

The quotes are all unique, as is each project. The cost is affected by the number of buildings, floors in each building, destinations, additional languages, custom development and hosting. The client may also choose to host. If a client handles all development, and hosting, the only costs incurred are the monthly API fees. This is for updates, data transfer, etc. Support is also an additional cost but is not required.

There are many different avenues that can be taken in order to develop a project. You can basically choose your cost and workload. For example, you can choose to have H2T design your user interface and maps, and you could plot the destinations using map maker pro.

I am available to give virtual tours of Map Maker Pro and the back office manager. Call me to make an appointment today! Amanda 814-342-3120


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